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Toddler Program
 18 months to 3 years

The Toddler program provides a safe, healthy, and exciting learning environment for toddlers to be able to grow and develop. The Toddler program follows the Creative Curriculum. The Creative Curriculum provides a blueprint that outlines how children learn, where they are developmentally, and what appropriate goals are for their first three years of life.

Parents will receive a developmental review every December and June. This information will provide both the parent and the child’s teacher with information about their development and their preschool readiness. The Creative Curriculum focuses on having children learn through play and experience. It takes into account that every child learns differently and at their own rate. In the toddler room, we have the following goals for every child:

Goal 1: To learn about themselves- developing a self concept.
Goal 2: To learn about their feelings- emotional development.
 Goal 3: To learn about others- Social development.
Goal 4: To learn about communications- Language Development
Goal 5: To learn about moving and doing- Physical Development
Goal 6: To acquire thinking skills- Cognitive development


Toddler Daily Schedule


6:30-8:30: Parent drop off/Arrival of children and free play
8:30- 9:00: Diapering and toileting/ Clean up/ wash hands
9:00- 9:30: Breakfast
9:30- 9:45: Circle Time
9:45- 10:45: Centers
10:45- 11:00: Clean up/ Get ready for outside
11:00- 11:20: Playground/ outside/ Gross Motor
11:20- 11:30: Get ready for lunch
11:30- 12:00: Lunch
12:00- 12:15: Diapering and toileting/  Brust Teeth/ Get ready for nap
12:15- 2:30: Nap time
2:30- 3:00: Diapering and toileting/ get ready for snack
3:00- 3:30: Snack
3:30- 4:00: Playground/ Outside/ Gross Motor
4:00- 6:00: Afternoon activity/ free play




$245 for 5 days per week. Part time slots also available.
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